Website Facelift

Website looking a bit old?

Perhaps it’s time for a website facelift to freshen up your site and give it more appeal. More functionality. Better search results and lead generation. Generate more business.

It’s a fact. Over time your website gets old, loses freshness and appeal and becomes less effective at driving customers to your business. Even more damaging, it may slip in the search results meaning less potential customers will find you.

A website must be fully functional and appealing in all devices. More and more people are using mobile and tablet rather than desktop computers. This means that your site must be punch through size restrictions to deliver your message.

Website Facelift Checklist

Use this short checklist to assess your website and determine what changes would be good for your business.

1. Unique Selling Proposition

What makes your product and/or service different?

Why should customers choose you over someone else?

Differentiate your business and its offerings to give potential customers a good reason to come to you.  

2. Responsive

Your website should take full advantage of big screens, yet adjust shape to suit different tablet and smartphone sizes. The text on a phone should be nice and big so there is no need to zoom in.

3. Easy to Navigate

Your most Information should be front and centre, not buried and hard to find. Customers are looking for your information and expect to find it easily. They don’t want to have to search for it on your site. It must be right there, easy to find with minimum effort. Or they’ll just move on.

Nobody will forgive you if they get lost on your website. The menu should use a clear large font, contrasting to background (e.g. light on dark or dark on light).

4. Call To Action

You want the lead or the sale so tell the customer to take action. Now.

Make it simple for the customer to contact you. If the customer is to contact you or, provide your phone number or one-click access to your contact form right there. If they are to buy a product the Buy Now button should be right there. Only one action required to contact or buy.

5. Contact

If you want customers to phone you, have your phone number clearly available on every page of your website.

If you want customers to contact you in writing have a clear and bold, easy to find link to your contact form on every page.

Site Engine Optimisation (SEO)

None of the above is any use if your site isn’t properly optimised for search. It won’t rank high in the search results if it is not.

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